Our Responsible Tourism Policy

As a tour operator specialising in travel to mountain and wilderness environments, our principal aim is to ensure firstly that we, our clients and our local service suppliers leave no negative impact on the environments in which we tread, and serve to support natural conservation. 
Secondly we strive to ensure that we bring positive benefits to the local communities and economies where we operate.  At face value, the act of bringing humans to the natural environment can appear to be contradictory to these aims.  However, we are firmly of the belief that wider appreciation of our natural environment through interaction with it in a low impact, sustainable way, has wider positive benefits, and helping local peoples to derive incomes from their natural heritage increases the perceived value of these vital resources, and serves to protect them.

Steps we take to minimise negative impact on the natural environment:

  • Ensuring we work with local accredited guides whom we trust, who show a strong commitment to the natural environment, demonstrate leadership in protecting the environment when they have clients in their charge, and have genuine interest in the natural world.

  • Our guides ensure the provision of proper equipment for the purposes of client ablutions in wilderness areas, including the provision of trowels or a hole dug with a spade and covered by a toilet tent, offering advice where required, and ensuring that camp staff remove all litter and carry it out to be disposed of properly when camping. In other words, impact is kept to the minimum possible.

  • Providing all clients travelling to wilderness areas with a comprehensive Trip Dossier relevant to the country and region that they are travelling to, which includes a Code of Conduct for ensuring that no impact is made on the environment.  This code offers guidance, and advises the use of bio-degradable products when soaps have to used.

  • We strive as much as we can to use the services of other local suppliers, such as accommodation and ground handlers who demonstrate a commitment to conservation of the environment and wildlife.

Steps we take to bring positive benefits to local communities: 

  • We strive to use local service suppliers (accommodation, guides services and ground handlers) who demonstrate a commitment to helping local communities, either through employment or other means.

  • We aim to use local, rather than “imported”, European guides to lead tours as much as possible.  This also has the positive benefit of one less person having to take an international flight.

  • We support a number of charities, volunteer groups and local projects that benefit local community groups.

Other steps we take to reduce the negative impact on our environment:

  • We do not produce a printed brochure.  Instead, we display our product offering online, and only send out printed information when required or requested as part of an inquiry.

  • We recycle all paper generated in the office and keep our printing to an absolute minimum.

  • Encourage our clients to offset their carbon emissions by making a voluntary contribution to Climate Care when they book their flights

  • We make our own contribution to Climate Care when we use flights ourselves.