UK Staff

Angus Maclaren

Since his first visit to the Alps on a summer touring holiday at the age of 6, Angus has been fascinated by mountains and developed a passion for travel early on. Much of his travel has been to mountain environments, having spent teenage years exploring the wilder reaches of Britain to hike and climb, or to the Alps to ski, climb and paraglide. Further afield, he’s explored the continents of Africa and South Asia, revelling in not just their mountain ranges, but also their eclectic mix of wilderness regions and diverse cultures. Having lived in South Africa for six years, he developed a deep love of African continent and has travelled extensively in Southern and Eastern Africa. Climbing experiences include treks up Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya and Mount Stanley in the Rwenzoris, and many outings to the Kwa-Zulu Natal Drakensberg, which he’s become an expert on; he’s also deeply drawn to Africa’s non-mountainous regions, its exceptional wildlife, coastal regions and vibrant culture. He started Traverse Line in the realisation that most of the excitement in all previous jobs stemmed from the ‘travel bit’, which rarely happened frequently enough, and never to wilderness regions! He derives immense pleasure from enabling others to get under the skin of the places he loves and, just occasionally… getting out there too!

Memorable Travel Adventure: A 4-month tour of Southern and Eastern Africa in a Toyota Hilux with friends; "Our staple diet was vegetable curry and rice slow-cooked over a fire in a Poitjie Pot. Although we visited many of the renowned highlights of the countries we travelled though, including the major reserves in East Africa, and climbing Africa’s three highest mountains, the trip took us deep into rural Africa and away from tourists"

Clare McDougall

Clare grew up in South Africa, and despite being a “Joburg Girl” not particularly comfortable experiencing creepy crawlies in the bush, loves travel, the general outdoors and mountain adventures.  She cut her walking teeth in the Drakensberg, where her uncle farmed, and has recently made it to the top of Kilimanjaro, helping to raise over £1000 for good causes. She helps Traverse Line with accounts, and mostly impartial advice about the company’s direction.

Memorable Travel Adventure: Travelling to Antarctica on Robert Swan’s 2041 Expedition in March 2010, which aimed to raise awareness of the imminent end of the Antarctic Treaty, and the need to protect the continent from potential exploitation beyond the 2041 deadline. “It was far more beautiful than I had ever expected, and we experienced exceptional wildlife encounters”.

Elizabeth Dell

Another South African living in the UK, Elizabeth helps Traverse Line in a part-time capacity when sales and admin help is needed.  She's extremely knowledgeable about her mother country, and keen to help assist with travel plans when the need arises.