Trekking and Safaris in Kenya

Although Kenya is the newest addition to our portfolio, we've know the country for some years.  Indeed, Angus Maclaren, Traverse Line's founder, first visited in 1995, when he climbed Mount Kenya and toured the country extensively. Climbs of Mount Kenya provide the central focus of our trips here, but there's so much on offer besides - indeed, we recommend that 3 or 4 nights are spent on safari before starting a climb.  Many of the safari areas lying to the northwest of the mountian, eg. Laikipia, lie at a not insignificant altitude.  A pre-climb safari helps one settle in to holiday mode, and begin the all-important process of acclimatisation.

Climb Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya arguably provides the prettiest high altitude trekking in East Africa (with the possible exception of Mount Stanley in the Rwenzoris, Western Uganda, which is a longer, and tougher proposition).  A much older, and hence more eroded volcano than Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya is frequently cited by those who have climbed both as a more enjoyable climb (not least because of the lower altitude), featuring stunning views of the technical summits of Batian and Nelion from Point Lenana (the third summit, accessible by trekkers), soaring rock bastions shrouded in glaciers, beautiful mountain tarns and fantastic endemic flora.

Our favoured approach is via the Chogoria Route, in our view the most attractive side of the mountain.  Depending upon how well you are acclimatised, we normally recommend six nights on the mountain to ensure good acclimatisation.  The first two of these are ideally spent at Kenya Mountain Lodge at Chogoria, situated at just over 3000m.    From there, we recommend either a circuit of the central peaks, including a summit climb to Point Lenana, and eventual descent to Chogoria via Lake Michaelson, or the same but with an alternative descent via the Sirimon Route.  One can also approach via Sirimon, and descend to Chogoria if preferred.

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