Trekking, Climbing and Cultural Holidays in Nepal

Nepal is well known as a trekking and climbing paradise, and this small, landlocked country is home to no less than eight of the world’s ten highest mountains, including Everest, Kangjenjunga, Makalu, Annapurna and Cho Oyo.  However, its mountains are not the only reason to visit - indeed, the cultural landscape of Nepal is every bit as diverse as its geography - there are a dozen major ethnic groups, speaking as many as fifty languages and dialects, while two of the world's great religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, overlap and mingle with older tribal practices. Nepal is a dramatic place to trek, but it’s the people who really make the country memorable - you will experience tremendous generosity of spirit and friendship from the country’s myriad of gentle, hard-working peoples.

What we do

We are experts at arranging both tailor-made treks, and, for those with higher ambitions, climbs of Trekking Peaks.  Each season, we also run a fixed date group trek to either Island Peak or Mera Peak.  When designing our itineraries, we take great care to ensure that you acclimatise properly – emphasis is placed on being “cautious” in ascent, and introducing rest days at appropriate intervals.  Guides are hugely important, and we work in partnership with a small local guiding company, owned and run by experienced Sherpa guides who we know well from our own expeditions. Where possible, we suggest how you can get off the beaten track, away for the popular trails.