Trekking Peaks

Climbing a Trekking Peak in Nepal is a superb way to extend the pleasure of trekking with a thrill of a short climb to altitude.  The technicality of the peaks range from easy to very hard, and several peaks, such as Mera Peak and Island Peak, can be climbed by adventurous trekkers, who have little or no experience of climbing. 

Is it for you?

Participants need to be fit, have an adventurous spirit, and should ideally have trekked to altitudes in excess of 5000m on a previous occasion, before attempting a peak. Knowledge of the use of ice axe, crampons and rope would come in handy, but is not a requirement.  If this describes you….. then read on! .....

What we do

Traverse Line is well qualified to organise Trekking Peak climbs; we have climbed several ourselves (as well as made similar climbs on other continents), and fully understand what’s involved.  We have been arranging climbs in Nepal since 2005, both on a tailor-made and a fixed date basis. The guides we use are fully qualified Sherpas who have passed their Advanced Mountaineering Course. Most importantly, they have climbed the peaks in question many times, and are strong, inspiring leaders.  We place great emphasis on ensuring that climbs are properly led, properly supported (the food when camping is excellent), and follow routes designed to ensure you acclimatise safely.

These web pages have been designed to give you as much information as possible about what is involved, but please do not hesitate to contact us for guidance on your suitability.