Mera Peak Itinerary

Panoramic - Mera Peak Base Camp

Days 1-2

Two nights in Kathmandu to prepare and sightsee

Day 3

Fly to Lukla, then trek to Phoiyou, south of Lukla

Day 4

Trek through farm terraces to Pangkongma

Day 5

Enter the lower Inkhu valley and trek through the forests to a small farm clearing 

Day 6

Continue along the winding forest trail to a forest camp

Day 7

Final trek through the forests to Kote

Day 8

Trek to Thangnak, ringed by 6000m peaks

Day 9

Rest day at Thangnak, and a short acclimatisation climb

Day 10

Climb glacial moraines to Dig Kharka, then ascend to Khare

Day 11

Acclimatisation climb to the base of the Mera glacier.  Rope and crampon practice, then return to Khare 

Day 12

Re-ascend to the Mera glacier, and cross the Mera La to Base Camp

Day 13

Ascend the Mera glacier to Mera Peak High Camp

Day 14

Climb Mera Peak, then descend to Khare

Day 15

Recuperation day at Khare

Day 16

Descend to Thangnak

Day 17

Descend to Kote

Day 18

Ascend to Tuli Kharka, below the Zatrwa La

Day 19

Cross the Zatrwa la and descend to Lukla

Days 20-21

Two final nights in Kathmandu to recuperate.  Also serves as an additional buffer day in case of bad weather delay

Day 22