Tailor-made Treks and Safaris in South Africa


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Traverse Line could be described as an Anglo-South African company.  We trace our beginnings to South Africa, and each member of our small team has either grown up there, or has lived there for a significant period of time. You could say that it’s truly in our blood….and we just can’t stay away!

As you’ve probably guessed, we are mountain enthusiasts, and have taken the time to explore South Africa’s mountain ranges thoroughly. With the help of personable local guides we know and work with continuously, our knowledge of South Africa as a hiking destination is extensive.  In short, we are South African hiking experts.

However, it doesn’t stop there - it’s impossible to visit South Africa and not be drawn to one of its amazing game reserves, it’s fantastic coastline, its semi-arid interior, or its vibrant cities and culture, all of which we are passionate about; we cater for trekkers as much as strollers, luxury safari fundis as much as rough-it bush wackers, and history enthusiasts as much as beach bums.

South Africa is very much, as it proudly states in its tourist literature, “A World in One Country”.  There is tremendous variety, as well as compelling reasons to visit all year round.  Each province is a destination in its own right, and holds its own without reliance on its neighbours. We have intimate knowledge of the country, where to visit in each season, and how to get around it sensibly; put simply…..how to get the best out of it.

It’s impossible to summarise the possibilities this wonderful country has to offer in just a few paragraphs.  We hope that these web-pages give you a taste for what’s possible, and for what we can do for you.