Londolozi...... "Leopard Heaven"

Panoramic - Londolozi Leopard

Established as a hunting camp in 1926, Londolozi was one of the original game farms that came together with others to form what is now the Sabi Sand reserve, and exudes a traditional atmosphere.  Over the years it has evolved and updated itself, and sets the standard for combining top notch hospitality with a strong commitment to conservation and the environment (they are developing electric safari landrovers!) - its one of the best known and exclusive lodges in the region. The name Londolozi has also become synonymous with leopards, and although one can never guarantee wildlife sightings, you’d be very unlucky if you left Londolozi without seeing one.  Although leopards are prevalent throughout the Sabi Sand, and are not exclusive to Londolozi, the rangers here are fully tuned in to their behaviour and movements, and employ excellent trackers to assist in locating them - the leopards themselves have become less elusive here.  

There is a choice of 5 adjacent lodges within Londolozi (although you’d never know they were close to each other when staying at one), each with their own character - all command superb positions overlooking the Sand River. Varty Camp is the largest and has the widest range of facilities (there's a definite buzz!), and Founders Camp, priced at the same level, has a charming and more intimate feel (a bit like an English sitting room open to the stars).  Tree Camp and Granite Camp, are smaller and more exclusive, the former for traditionalists with an ethnic streak, the latter for cool modernists, and command a higher price tag.  Finally, Pioneer Camp is also small, intimate, and traditional, featuring an interactive kitchen.  At all camps, Londolozi’s staff work hard to look after you, without seeming to be working - they are natural hosts, and their guiding standards are unparalleled. A joy!

For the more adventurous:

Do you have an adventurous nature and seek a wilder experience? .... Londolozi has a beautiful Tree Platform positioned high in a An Ebony overlooking the Sand River.  If you are staying at Londolozi for a few days, request a night spent sleeping out on the Tree Platform, and experience the sounds of the African night! Note that this is not for those who are freaked by African night calls! (to avoid disappointment, we suggest you ask us to make this request when you make your booking)