The Sabi Sand Reserve

Jackal Pups

The Sabi Sand is the southernmost of the private reserve’s adjoining the Kruger National Park.  Of all the Kruger’s private reserves, the Sabi Sand is perhaps the best known and held in very high regard by many, partly because it’s the easiest to get to on the road network, but mainly because it’s sandwiched between the Sabi and the Sand Rivers, the only perennial rivers that flow through the park. It has the highest density of lodges of all the private concession areas (although they all have reciprocal traversing rights agreements with other camps to expand their territorial access, and are generally careful not to crowd vehicles, and sightings), and some of the older-established lodges, such as Londolozi, occupy super river-fronted positions. 

The rivers, which are a natural draw to wildlife, cut deeply through the landscape here, and the topography of the reserve arguably has more interest that flatter regions lying to the north. It’s not surprising that many of the best and most expensive lodges are found here found here, and for those that can afford them, they are well worth visiting.  Although there are no low budget lodges to be found in the Sabi Sand, one or two lodges, such as Notten's Camp and Djuma, are more keenly priced and represent good value.