Kwandwe Private Reserve

Panoramic - Kwandwe 1

Kwandwe can be visited all year round, although the best seasons to visit from the point of view of temperature, and possibly rainfall, are spring and autumn.  Summers can be very warm, with the mercury often toping 38 deg.C; however, the sun only sets at 7h30pm in summer, allowing later afternoon game drives in the warm evenings. Winters can be very cold, although beautifully sunny and dry - frosts are not uncommon.  The winter is particularly good for spotting nocturnal species which tend to come out earlier in the evening. The soft light and the striking winter-flowering aloes which illuminate the tan-coloured landscape make this a special time to visit. Rain is mainly confined to the summer (unlike the Western Cape and the coastal strip of the Eastern Cape, which receives winter rainfall), although total rainfall is comparatively low.  Patterns also vary considerably on the reserve, with the higher ground on the valley sides receiving more than the central plains.