Northern Drakensberg Trek Highlights

Panoramic - On top of the Amphitheatre
  • Ascend the 17m chain ladders to the top of the iconic Amphitheatre in the Royal Natal National Park

  • Trek through a pristine high altitude wilderness, where you are unlikely to encounter others

  • Unique flora and fauna, including magnificent birds of prey encountered en route

  • Two nights spent in the Mnweni Cutback area, allowing time to explore one the most spectacular sections of the entire Drakensberg Escarpment

  • Gaze upon the vulture colony at the top of Rockeries pass, home to over 100 birds

  • Descend one the most dramatic passes along the entire escarpment

  • Camp one night below the escarpment walls, adding variation and contrast to this otherwise high altitude trek

  • Gain cultural insights as you descend through tribal lands of the Angmanwane community (an assistant guide from this community accompanies you on trek, and many of the porters come from here)