Group Treks in South Africa

Panoramic - Approaching the Rockeries

Here's a list of forthcoming group treks in South Africa, which are open for anyone to join and are all fully supported (guide, catering porterage, and logistics). Please click on the trek HEADING you are interested in to see full details:

Northern Drakensberg Traverse (6 days) - Amphitheatre to Cathedral Peak or Mnweni

... 15th to 20th October, 2013 (Amphitheatre to Cathedral Peak via Bell Traverse)
... 3rd to 8th December, 2013 (Amphitheatre to Cathedral Peak, via Bell Traverse)
... 15th to 20th January, 2014 (amphitheatre to Cathedral Peak, via Bell Traverse)

Central Drakensberg Traverse - Cathedral Peak or Mnweni to Champagne Castle

... 7th to 14th October, 2013 (Mnweni to Champagne Castle over 8 days)
... 12th to 17th November, 2013 (Cathedral Peak to Champagne Castle over 6 days

Drakensberg GRAND TRAVERSE (15 days) - Amphitheatre to Bushman's Nek

... 1st to 16th May, 2014 (arrive at Mahai campsite in RNNP on 1st May to start trekking on 2nd May)

Drakensberg Miscellaneous Treks (please contact us for details):

... 21st to 24th September, 2013 - Mafadi Circuit (South Africa's highest peak)

The Hoerikwaggo Trail (5 days) - Cape Point to Table Mountain

... 2nd March, 2014