Climb Mount Kenya

Angus Maclaren first climbed Mt. Kenya in 1995, and has been itching to run treks on this beautiful mountain since starting Traverse Line ten years later.  In 2009 we spent time seeking a reliable local partner, and having found one, we took our first clients to the summit in January 2010.

Climb Mount Kenya (Point Lenana 4985m)

Mount Kenya arguably provides the prettiest high altitude trekking in East Africa (with the possible exception of Mount Stanley and the Rwenzoris in Western Uganda, which is a longer, and tougher proposition).  A much older, and hence more eroded volcano than Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya is frequently cited by those who have climbed both as a more enjoyable climb (not least because of the lower altitude), featuring stunning views of the technical summits of Batian and Nelion, soaring rock bastions shrouded in glaciers, beautiful mountain tarns and fantastic endemic flora. Our favoured approach is using the Chogoria Route, in our view the most attractive side of the mountain.  Depending upon how well you are acclimatised, we normally recommend 6 nights to ensure good acclimatisation - either making a full circuit of the peaks before desending via Lake Michaelson, or descending via the Sirimon Route - preceded by a few days on safari at medium altitude nearby, eg. in Laikipia, to settle in and help your body prepare….. click here for more